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MAKE UP FOR EVER, range of Professional make-up products, distributed in 50 countries, has become a cult brand for make-up artists. In 2002, the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY in Paris was created.

Lysiane QUEMA, free lance make-up artist and international trainer for MAKE UP FOR EVER was manager of the Academy in Paris. In 2003, she opened MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY in the south of France, Nice.


MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY, offers both long and intensive training courses in the form of modules from 1 to 11, which allow you to acquire the knowledge necessary to become a make-up artist specialising in beauty, fashion, movie, TV, theater and artistic (face & body painting).


The intensive trainings are offered :

- to beauticians wishing to turn to professional make-up.

- to make-up artists wishing to perfect specific techniques or to consolidate knowledge.

- to those passionate about make-up wanting to discover a career as a make-up artist.


To become a professional make-up artist, you are required to learn very precise techniques to evolve in the various fields, such as fashion, movie, Tv, theater and artistic make-up. These training courses are open to everyone wishing to work as a make-up artist in these various domains, who has an aesthetic sensitivity.


Our modules allow you to go into these various make-up artist jobs :



At the MAKE UP FOR EVER ACADEMY, you will benefit from experienced teachers and a quality education corresponding to professional needs. 

Lysiane QUEMA - Assistant, then employee of Dany SANZ for 25 years.

- Free lance make-up artist for 30 years

- Training Manager

- Experienced teacher in all domains of make-up and specialist in transformation, special effects and body painting.







To be 18 years old during the school year.


For the long training courses, the registrations are made at interview.

There are no particular diploma requirements, but the school level (high school diploma) or a previous professional training is desirable. We value most highly a good aesthetic sensitivity.

The registration is confirmed after acceptance at interview with the manager or one of the teachers of the Academy. Here, we can ascertain your skills and motivation. We ask you to send us, before the appointment, IMPERATIVELY by e-mail your application form filled and downloadable below


For the interview, we advise :


Due to a high level of demand, we recommend sending your applications as early as possible, from January. We also recommend you organise the steps as quickly as possible in case of financial assistance.



For the intensive training courses, there is no preliminary interview. It is, however, necessary to contact us to discuss your expectations and experiences in order to direct you towards the most suitable courses. To allow us to confirm the reservation of your place, the registration deposit must be sent before the beginning of the training course.

Also for those who benefit from financing, the registration will be validated only after receipt of the agreement. (The requests of financial coverage have to passed by us.)



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